E-liquid 101

What is E-Liquid ? What is is made from ? Is it safe ?

E-Liquid is a fluid used in personal vaping devices (PV’s) or more commonly E-Cigs. It is a combination of flavour concentrate, Nicotine Solution, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Flavour concentrates give you the flavour you want, whether its tobacco, sweets, fruits, chilli etc, normal mixes are somewhere around 10-15% of the mix. Nicotine solution is liquid nicotine dissolved in a solution of PG/VG to give the desired strength.

The PG is the flavour carrier in the E-Liquid, more of it gives you a bolder intense flavour but it doesn’t cloud up so well. It also assists with the throat kick that us ex-smokers miss so much, however some people are sensitive to PG and find it makes their throat sore. Our standard mix is 70/30 VG/PG, this enable a great carry of flavour and a good solid cloud.

VG produces clouds of vapour and simulates the true effect of smoking, it also gives a sweetness to the flavour, but at a small cost to the throat hit.

All the compounds are pharma grade and safe to vape, they are found in products we use everyday to eat, drink, wash in, cook in, our product is manufactured in a clean and safe environment and all the ingredients are sourced from reputable flavour manufacturers from around the world.

E-Cigs and E-Liquid are the practical and affordable way to finally kick that Tobacco habit.

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